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Coaching & Training for Individual and Teams

Some leaders are born that way. Most of us, though, have had to work at it. Given today’s dynamic workplace environments, that hard work is ongoing and ever-changing. We’ve been there, and we know what outstanding leadership is all about. It involves proactively anticipating the needs of your organization and of your teams. It’s about leveraging your teams’ talents and fostering intelligent risk taking. It’s about vision and engagement, flexibility and innovation, execution and results. It often involves creating a learning environment where mistakes become a teaching tool. We’ve worked with senior executives, business owners, boards of directors and teams (big and small) to enhance performance success.

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We work to:

  • Identify strategies to leverage leadership strengths and weaknesses to tackle current challenges
  • Facilitate crucial conversations that elevate team performance
  • Design training programs to address competency or proficiency needs
  • Create focused learning goals supportive of short-term improvement and long-term success.

Julie and her team are certified in a variety of leadership assessment and team coaching tools.


Design & Facilitation of Team Building Retreats & Workshops

We can help with your team development needs, too. We are known for our custom-designed retreats. We’ll start by sitting down with you to understand your primary objectives, the people and issues involved, then put together a live or virtual session that meets your needs.

Whether your teams are high potential, require support with leadership accountabilities or need focused time to work through issues, we can design and facilitate an event or meeting that is interactive, meaningful, fun and will result in learning that “sticks”.

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Conflict Management & Meditation

Everyone has stories about conflicts at work. Sometimes it involves a boss, sometimes colleagues or sometimes issues arise within a team. Differences in viewpoints, leadership styles and direction along with work process challenges can all contribute to interpersonal tensions and a charged work environment. There’s a natural tendency for leaders and organizations to avoid conflict because let’s face it- conflict can be incredibly uncomfortable and messy. Emotions are in play and relationships might be at risk. The reality is that leaders, teams and organizations can’t fully grow in the absence of conflict.

High performing leaders and teams know how to manage conflict productively. We can share our expertise and tools on conflict resolution in a way that will result in your leaders developing comfort with and confidence in navigating the conversations and challenges they routinely encounter.

  • Workplace assessments and investigations
  • Increasing capacity for organizational cultural change
  • Leading and leveraging diversity and inclusion
  • Bargaining unit and management partnership development

Julie is UC Berkeley Extension trained mediator.

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