Creation of strategic plans with boards and senior leaders

Without clear direction and measurable results, organizations can only guess at the progress towards their vision and the impact of their work. We think you work too hard to leave success up to chance.

Julie M. Brown and Associates can work with your board, senior leaders and staff to build, execute and monitor strategic action plans. We are good at breaking down complex scenarios into manageable chunks, then weaving your collective work into a robust roadmap. We can help you identify key stakeholders for buy-in, propose strategies for staff engagement, support alignment of your plan with organizational resources and create concrete measures of success to monitor your progress.

And if you’re new to strategic planning, no problem! We relish demystifying the process for our clients with straightforward concepts and easy to grasp planning tools.

Julie enjoys teaching this subject matter so much that she’s part of the UC Berkeley Graduate School of Public Health Online Instructional Team for the “Strategic Planning in the Health Sector” course.

Design and facilitation of planning retreats

If time is limited, we can also work with you to design and facilitate strategic conversations with your board and key leadership in a retreat setting. We’ll help you identify your overall strategic planning approach, then develop generative questions for discussion of key strategic issues you want to explore. We’ll work with your leadership and staff to shape your action plan for stakeholder endorsement and implementation.